About us

About company:

The company “BASHIR NAVID GROUP” is founded in 1992 – with a professional team of managers of foreign economic activity. This company provides a full range of services to support imports and exports operations, as well as counseling at all stages of the foreign economic activity. The main direction of the company is the import of construction materials and food products in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan from the CIS countries, Russian Federation, United Arab Emirates and Malaysia. Our company occupies a leading position in the Afghan market.  All imported products have passed the necessary certification.  Flexible system service allows us to find an individual approach to each customer, offering competitive price and favorable conditions of delivery of the goods.  All these advantages provide reliable cooperation and dynamic growth of the above company.


Our principles

The main principles of “BASHIR NAVID GROUP” company are professional expertise, a holistic approach and close cooperation with the client at all stages of collaboration. Each of our new projects is to be better than the last. We always use our experience to improve the quality of services provided. We use the knowledge and skills to avoid mistakes in the implementation of projects in the future.

The fundamental condition of building relationships with clients is confidentiality. We understand the value of information resources and cherish obtained during the implementation of the project data.

Our Team

The most valuable resource “BASHIR NAVID GROUP” is our experts. All our experts have the theoretical and practical knowledge in the implementation of foreign supplies of various products nomenclatures: from consumer goods to sophisticated technological equipment. Knowing the specifics of foreign trade activities in Russia and other countries helps us to effectively build relationships with foreign counterparts, which beneficially affect the quality of the implementation of business projects of our clients.

Each project is unique, so our experts carefully examine the steps to be taken to complete the project in the best way.

Our Customers

Our customers – small, medium and large Russian and international companies operating in various fields of business: Production and trade, B2B, and others. Regardless of what kind of products the company produces or sells (food, clothing, equipment, spare parts, chemical products, etc.), all of our customers receive professional business support.

We value our customers and interact with them in all stages of the implementation of foreign projects. We have built a relationship of trust with our customers, listening to their opinions and constantly improving the quality of services provided. We do our best to meet as quickly as possible the demands of our customers, to the development of their business.