“Bashir Navid Group” – is a dynamic company has been operating on the market since 1992. The company specializes in the procurement of various goods for Afghanistan. Initially the company operated only in the domestic market in Afghanistan, engaged in the implementation of construction materials and food products. Beginning in 1993, the company took its first step in regional trade, and signed the first contracts with Russian manufacturers on imports of consumer goods to Afghanistan. At the moment, “Bashir Navid Group” is a major importer of timber from the Russian Federation and vegetable oil from Malaysia. Including the company concentrated on importing building materials, food products, and petroleum products mainly from the CIS countries, Malaysia and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Over the years the market the company has established itself as a business and a reliable partner with a decent amount of knowledge and experience in the trade, as evidenced by the constant replenishment of the range of its clients and partners. “Bashir Navid Group” relies on the quality and reliability, following the principle of work as quickly and conveniently, with the inevitable observance of all items without exception cooperative arrangements. Imported goods previously studied and is a thorough analysis and verification of compliance of quality, which minimizes the coefficient of marriage. In the ranks of the company employs experienced professionals who are always ready to offer help, advice and ensure service continuity and timeliness of delivery at the highest level.

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